September 27, 2022


<style type="text/css"> /* Style Definitions */ span.prnews_span { font-size:8pt; font-family:"Arial"; color:black; } a.prnews_a { color:blue; } li.prnews_li { font-size:8pt; font-family:"Arial"; color:black; } p.prnews_p { font-size:0.62em; font-family:"Arial"; color:black; margin:0in; } </style> <p><span class="legendSpanClass"><span class="xn-location">BELLEVUE, Wash.</span></span>, <span class="legendSpanClass"><span class="xn-chron">Sept. 27, 2022</span></span> /PRNewswire/ -- <span class="xn-person">Coldwell Banker Bain</span>, one of the largest residential real estate brokerage firms in the Pacific Northwest, today announced the appointment of <span class="xn-person">Robert Burns</span> as president of the company. In this position, Burns will be responsible for oversight of the company's daily sales and operations. <span class="xn-person">Coldwell Banker Bain</span> is part of the Coldwell Banker Realty family of companies, owned and operated by a subsidiary of Anywhere Real Estate Inc. (NYSE:HOUS).</p> <div class="PRN_ImbeddedAssetReference" id="DivAssetPlaceHolder1"> <p> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> <img src="" title="Robert Burns named president of Coldwell Banker Bain, a leading real estate company in the Pacific Northwest." alt="Robert Burns named president of Coldwell Banker Bain, a leading real estate company in the Pacific Northwest."/> </a> </p> </div> <p>The company, with approximately 34 offices and more than 1,300 affiliated sales professionals, represented more than <span class="xn-money">$8 billion</span> in sales volume and nearly 11,000 transactions in 2021. Burns will begin in his new role in late-October.</p> <p>Burns has served in senior leadership roles for top <span class="xn-person">Coldwell Banker</span> companies, both nationally and regionally, for over 20 years. His previous experience as company president, real estate coach, operations executive, sales leader, trainer and agent, position him well for this role. Most recently he held the position of regional vice president of Coldwell Banker Realty in Chicagoland. In that role he oversaw sales operations and growth strategies for <span class="xn-location">Northwest Illinois</span> and <span class="xn-location">Southeast Wisconsin</span> regions of the company, overseeing 12 offices and approximately 850 affiliated sales agents. In this role, he helped to elevate organic growth, market share and increase luxury business.</p> <p>Burns is also former president of Coldwell Banker Mid-America Group, the largest locally owned and operated real estate brokerage in <span class="xn-location">Iowa</span>. Burns implemented a robust culture of growth and innovation at the company, which earned the prestigious <span class="xn-person">Coldwell Banker</span> Chairman's Circle designation for outstanding performance. Prior to that time, he served as vice president of field programs at NRT, where he was responsible for field productivity programs, education and diversity on a national level for seven regional service centers, more than 700 real estate offices and 40,000 plus agents. He also worked with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage as regional vice president, sales and field operations, director of education, technology trainer and chairperson of the Diversity and Inclusion Council. Burns began his career at the age of 20 as a residential real estate agent for <span class="xn-person">Coldwell Banker Burnet</span> in <span class="xn-location">Edina, Minnesota</span>.</p> <p><b>QUOTE</b><br/>&quot;<span class="xn-person">Coldwell Banker Bain</span> has cemented itself as a leading sales organization with a deep and experienced leadership bench. We are thrilled that Robert will be joining the company in this capacity, bringing his passion for agent growth, a strong business ethic, and vast cross functional expertise. Robert's impressive track record of success, both as an affiliate president and company-owned brokerage leader, well position the company for continued growth as a leading company in the Pacific Northwest.&quot;<br/>-       <span class="xn-person">Greg Macres</span>, executive vice president Western Region, Coldwell Banker Realty</p> <p><b>About <span class="xn-person">Coldwell Banker Bain</span><br/></b><span class="xn-person">Coldwell Banker Bain</span> has helped people buy and sell homes in the Pacific Northwest since 1972. With more than 1,300 brokers in approximately 34 offices throughout <span class="xn-location">Washington</span> and <span class="xn-location">Oregon</span>, the company provides the full spectrum of services to buyers and sellers, with special expertise in the luxury realm. <span class="xn-person">Coldwell Banker Bain</span> also provides services in property management, commercial real estate and real estate investment, and relocation management. The brokerage is owned by a subsidiary of Anywhere Real Estate Inc. (NYSE:HOUS),  the largest full-service residential real estate services company in <span class="xn-location">the United States</span>. For more information, visit <a href=";l=en&amp;o=3659719-1&amp;h=1987796749&amp;;" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> </a></p> <p><b>Media Contact:</b> Kirsten Andresen, 206-427-5482 or <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p> <div class="PRN_ImbeddedAssetReference" id="DivAssetPlaceHolder2"> <p> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> <img src="" title="(PRNewsfoto/Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC)" alt="(PRNewsfoto/Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC)"/> </a> </p> </div> <p>SOURCE Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC</p> <img alt="" src=";Transmission_Id=202209271530PR_NEWS_USPR_____NY84799&amp;DateId=20220927" style="border:0px; width:1px; height:1px;"/>

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