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Matthew Ferrara


August 11, 2022

This month, Matthew Ferrara, philosopher and real estate expert, walks us through what brokers and agents should be doing to adapt to a changing real estate market.

The most important steps brokers and agents can take in shifting conditions is to stay focused on local conditions.

Avoid becoming distracted by big – sometimes surprising – headlines about changing regional or national numbers. The numbers that matter most to real estate professionals and their clients are local numbers. That means we need to know our market’s trends in:

  • Listing inventory
  • Days on market
  • Absorption rate
  • Showings
Are we entering a real estate disruption or correction?

Key economic fundamentals make it unlikely to see a major market collapse

Matthew Ferrara

Philosopher, Speaker, Photographer

Matthew Ferrara has a degree in philosophy, is a photographer, writer and a professional speaker. He has spent the last 28 years traveling the world teaching others how to grow their careers and lives through creativity, innovation and leadership. Matthew’s journey began with talk radio and shifted into real estate sales and training in 1991, and has included owning a training firm, call center, online learning portal and an executive mentoring firm. Matthew is an advisor to organizations in 49 states and 16 countries.

Written by the Anywhere Ethics and Compliance team

Written by the Anywhere Ethics and Compliance teamANONYMOUS

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