May 5, 2022

The Jills Zeder Group Lists Waterfront Assemblage on Exclusive La Gorce Island in Miami Beach for $170 Million

<style type="text/css"> /* Style Definitions */ span.prnews_span { font-size:8pt; font-family:"Arial"; color:black; } a.prnews_a { color:blue; } li.prnews_li { font-size:8pt; font-family:"Arial"; color:black; } p.prnews_p { font-size:0.62em; font-family:"Arial"; color:black; margin:0in; } .prngen2{ PADDING-RIGHT:0.17em; PADDING-LEFT:0.17em; BORDER-TOP:black 1pt; BORDER-RIGHT:black 1pt; BORDER-BOTTOM:black 1pt; BORDER-LEFT:black 1pt } .prnml4{ MARGIN-TOP:0em; MARGIN-RIGHT:0em; MARGIN-BOTTOM:0em; MARGIN-LEFT:0.33em !IMPORTANT } .prnbcc{ BORDER-COLLAPSE: COLLAPSE; BORDER-TOP:1pt black; BORDER-RIGHT:1pt black; BORDER-BOTTOM:1pt black; BORDER-LEFT:1pt black } </style> <p><span class="legendSpanClass"><span class="xn-location">MIAMI BEACH, Fla.</span></span>, <span class="legendSpanClass"><span class="xn-chron">May 5, 2022</span></span> /PRNewswire/ -- <a href=";l=en&amp;o=3527770-1&amp;h=1073555353&amp;;a=The+Jills+Zeder+Group" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">The Jills Zeder Group</a> has listed <a href=";l=en&amp;o=3527770-1&amp;h=287004027&amp;;a=18+La+Gorce+Circle" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">18 La Gorce Circle</a>, a highly unique La Gorce Island estate, consisting of four adjacent waterfront properties encompassing 16, 18, 22, and 24 La Gorce Circle, for <span class="xn-money">$170 million</span>. Located on exclusive guard-gated La Gorce Island in <span class="xn-location">Miami Beach</span>, the estate consists of three individual homes, each with a private dock, and an additional parcel, featuring a magnificent park.</p> <pre><code>&lt;div class="PRN_ImbeddedAssetReference" id="DivAssetPlaceHolder1"&gt; &lt;p&gt; &lt;a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"&gt; &lt;img src="" title="The Jills Zeder Group of Coldwell Banker Realty list 18 La Gorce Circle for $170 million. Photo credit: The Jills Zeder Group/1 Oak Studios" alt="The Jills Zeder Group of Coldwell Banker Realty list 18 La Gorce Circle for $170 million. Photo credit: The Jills Zeder Group/1 Oak Studios"/&gt; &lt;/a&gt; &lt;/p&gt; &lt;/div&gt; </code></pre> <p><p><span class="xn-person">Jill Eber</span> and <span class="xn-person">Jill Hertzberg</span> of The Jills Zeder Group, who are Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Ambassadors affiliated with Coldwell Banker Realty, are representing the seller.</p> <p>The fully-gated property, which faces southwest, provides expansive views of Biscayne Bay and downtown <span class="xn-location">Miami</span> and measures approximately 125,161 square feet (close to 3 acres) while offering approximately 600 feet of prime water frontage.</p> <p>A two-story home, featuring five bedrooms, seven full bathrooms and three half bathrooms, is located at 16 La Gorce Circle. 18 La Gorce Circle showcases a smaller home with two bedrooms, two full bathrooms and one half bathroom, plus a guest house and wine cellar. The two-story house at 22 La Gorce Circle includes five bedrooms, seven full bathrooms and five half bathrooms.</p> <p>The crown jewel of the estate is an amazing private park, called &quot;<span class="xn-person">Domaine de la Paix</span> et de l'Amour.&quot; It boasts neatly manicured gardens, towering banyan and oak trees, soaring palm trees, an impressive bay facing marble gazebo, and a large private dock. In addition, the serene park has beautifully designed landscaping with intricate coral stone walkways and stunning sunsets and views of the downtown skyline.</p> <p>La Gorce Island embodies what a perfect retreat should be: luxurious waterfront estates with pristine landscaping, expansive lots, private docks, and guard-gated 24-hour security. La Gorce Island is popular among A-list residents given the seclusion and tranquility the island offers. The community consists of about 60 luxury single-family homes and it is connected by a bridge to <span class="xn-location">Miami Beach</span>, where residents are at a short distance from Bal Harbour Shops to the north, Lincoln Road and South Beach to the south, and Design District to the west. Also in close proximity is the historic La Gorce Country Club, which was built in the late 1920s and recently renovated.  </p> <p>Quotes:</p> <p>&quot;This is the most incredible assemblage of properties in all of <span class="xn-location">Miami Beach</span>, offering approximately 600 feet of waterfront with spectacular views to Biscayne Bay and downtown <span class="xn-location">Miami</span>,&quot; said <a href=";l=en&amp;o=3527770-1&amp;h=758379195&amp;;a=Jill+Eber" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><span class="xn-person">Jill Eber</span></a> of The Jills Zeder Group. &quot;This is a prized, trophy compound that many of the most discerning buyers have been waiting for years to come onto the market.&quot;</p> <p>&quot;Never before available on the market, this listing offers a unique opportunity to own a property of this magnitude, at a time when there is extremely limited supply of homes and land in <span class="xn-location">Miami Beach</span>,&quot; said <a href=";l=en&amp;o=3527770-1&amp;h=4194258772&amp;;a=Jill+Hertzberg" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><span class="xn-person">Jill Hertzberg</span></a> of The Jills Zeder Group. &quot;In addition, La Gorce Island is one of the most prestigious gated communities in <span class="xn-location">South Florida</span>, offering the utmost privacy to its residents.&quot;</p> <p><b>About The Jills Zeder Group: </b><a href=";l=en&amp;o=3527770-1&amp;h=1073555353&amp;;a=The+Jills+Zeder+Group" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">The Jills Zeder Group</a>, affiliated with Coldwell Banker Realty, is comprised of three families, all of whom are major players in the luxury residential real estate business. These families include <a href=";l=en&amp;o=3527770-1&amp;h=4194258772&amp;;a=Jill+Hertzberg" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><span class="xn-person">Jill Hertzberg</span></a>, <a href=";l=en&amp;o=3527770-1&amp;h=2793347603&amp;;a=Jill+Eber" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><span class="xn-person">Jill Eber</span></a> and <a href=";l=en&amp;o=3527770-1&amp;h=2270783035&amp;;a=Felise+Eber" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><span class="xn-person">Felise Eber</span></a>; and Hertzberg's children <a href=";l=en&amp;o=3527770-1&amp;h=2452892870&amp;;a=Danny+Hertzberg" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><span class="xn-person">Danny Hertzberg</span></a> and <a href=";l=en&amp;o=3527770-1&amp;h=143574444&amp;;a=Hillary+Hertzberg" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><span class="xn-person">Hillary Hertzberg</span></a>; and <a href=";l=en&amp;o=3527770-1&amp;h=1645919264&amp;;a=Judy+Zeder" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><span class="xn-person">Judy Zeder</span></a> and her children, <a href=";l=en&amp;o=3527770-1&amp;h=3672650365&amp;;a=Nathan+Zeder" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><span class="xn-person">Nathan Zeder</span></a> and <a href=";l=en&amp;o=3527770-1&amp;h=437651159&amp;;a=Kara+Zeder+Rosen" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><span class="xn-person">Kara Zeder Rosen</span></a>. Prior to The Jills Zeder Group's formation in 2019, the families closed a combined total of more than <span class="xn-money">$6 billion</span> in real estate sales, including collaborating on multiple luxury sales in the <span class="xn-location">Coral Gables</span> market. With offices in <span class="xn-location">Miami Beach</span> and <span class="xn-location">Coral Gables</span>, <a href=";l=en&amp;o=3527770-1&amp;h=214041081&amp;;a=The" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">The</a> Jills Zeder Group specializes in high-end, multimillion-dollar luxury properties in <span class="xn-location">South Florida's</span> most elite enclaves, representing celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, and a diverse international clientele. They offer incomparable knowledge and services to luxury real estate clients. For more information and to contact The Jills Zeder Group, visit <u><a href=";l=en&amp;o=3527770-1&amp;h=2664506529&amp;;" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a></u>.</p> <p><b>About Coldwell Banker Realty: </b>Coldwell Banker Realty in <span class="xn-location">Florida</span> is a leading residential real estate brokerage company with approximately 73 offices and 8,106 affiliated sales associates. Coldwell Banker Realty is owned by a subsidiary of Realogy Holdings Corp. (NYSE: RLGY), the largest full-service residential real estate services company in <span class="xn-location">the United States</span>. Visit Coldwell Banker Global Luxury and the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury logo are service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Visit <u><a href=";l=en&amp;o=3527770-1&amp;h=3246474156&amp;;" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a> </u> </p> <div><table border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="prnbcc"><tr><td class="prngen2" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><p class="prnml4"><span class="prnews_span"><b>National Media Contact: </b></span></p> </td><td class="prngen2" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><p class="prnml4"><span class="prnews_span"><b><span class="prnews_span">South Florida Media Contact:</span></b></span></p> </td></tr><tr><td class="prngen2" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><p class="prnml4"><span class="prnews_span">Leah Wright                                  </span></p> </td><td class="prngen2" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><p class="prnml4"><span class="prnews_span">Durée Ross                </span></p> </td></tr><tr><td class="prngen2" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><p class="prnml4"><span class="prnews_span">Coldwell Banker                     </span></p> </td><td class="prngen2" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><p class="prnml4"><span class="prnews_span">Durée &amp; Company, Inc.</span></p> </td></tr><tr><td class="prngen2" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><p class="prnml4"><span class="prnews_span"><u><span class="prnews_span"></span></u></span></p> </td><td class="prngen2" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><p class="prnml4"><span class="prnews_span">954.723.9350</span></p> </td></tr><tr><td class="prngen2" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><br/></td><td class="prngen2" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><p class="prnml4"><span class="prnews_span"><u><span class="prnews_span"></span></u></span></p> </td></tr></table></div><p> </p> <p> </p></p> <div class="PRN_ImbeddedAssetReference" id="DivAssetPlaceHolder2"> <p> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> <img src="" title="(PRNewsfoto/Coldwell Banker Global Luxury)" alt="(PRNewsfoto/Coldwell Banker Global Luxury)"/> </a> </p> </div> <p>SOURCE Coldwell Banker Realty</p> <p><img alt="" src=";Transmission_Id=202205051407PR_NEWS_USPR_____NY48244&amp;DateId=20220505" style="border:0px; width:1px; height:1px;"/></p>

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