May 2, 2023


<style type="text/css"> /* Style Definitions */ span.prnews_span { font-size:8pt; font-family:"Arial"; color:black; } a.prnews_a { color:blue; } li.prnews_li { font-size:8pt; font-family:"Arial"; color:black; } p.prnews_p { font-size:0.62em; font-family:"Arial"; color:black; margin:0in; } .prngen2{ PADDING-RIGHT:0.17em; PADDING-LEFT:0.17em; FONT-SIZE: 8PT; FONT-FAMILY: ARIAL; COLOR: BLACK; MARGIN:0em; BORDER-TOP:black 0pt; BORDER-RIGHT:black 0pt; BORDER-BOTTOM:black 0pt; BORDER-LEFT:black 0pt } .prnml4{ MARGIN-TOP:0em; MARGIN-RIGHT:0em; MARGIN-BOTTOM:0em; MARGIN-LEFT:0.33em !IMPORTANT } .prnbcc{ BORDER-COLLAPSE: COLLAPSE } .prntac{ TEXT-ALIGN: CENTER } </style> <p class="prntac"><i>Led by <span class="xn-person">David Arabia</span>, the <span class="xn-location">Bergen County</span> firm formerly known as Friedberg Properties &amp; Associates becomes Corcoran Infinity Properties</i></p> <p><span class="legendSpanClass"><span class="xn-location">NEW YORK</span></span>, <span class="legendSpanClass"><span class="xn-chron">May 2, 2023</span></span> /PRNewswire/ -- Corcoran Group, LLC today announced its continued expansion by welcoming its newest franchise with the launch of Corcoran Infinity Properties, owned and led by industry veteran <span class="xn-person">David Arabia</span>, the brokerage will serve clients throughout <span class="xn-location">Bergen County, New Jersey</span>. The announcement, made by <span class="xn-person">Pamela Liebman</span>, President and CEO of The Corcoran Group, marks the company's continued expansion across the greater tri-state area.</p> <div class="PRN_ImbeddedAssetReference" id="DivAssetPlaceHolder1"> <p> </p> </div> <p><span class="xn-location">Bergen County</span> is the most populous county within the state of <span class="xn-location">New Jersey</span>, bordering <span class="xn-location">New York City</span> to the east, along the Hudson River, and <span class="xn-location">New York's</span> <span class="xn-location">Rockland County</span> to the north. The county's proximity to <span class="xn-location">New York City</span> is coupled with convenient commuting options, top-performing public schools, high-end shopping, various entertainment arenas, and an expansive park system that spans nearly 9,000 acres. The renowned location and these desirable amenities continue to attract discerning residential buyers, making the addition of Corcoran Infinity Properties a sensible step for Corcoran's growing affiliate network.</p> <p>&quot;Launching Corcoran Infinity Properties adds another crucial puzzle piece to our growing affiliate network, both in the greater tri-state area and across the globe,&quot; said Liebman. &quot;Not only does this increase our already substantial presence in the Northeast, David and his world-class team are sure to generate valuable referral opportunities and market insights, as <span class="xn-location">Bergen County</span> continues to grow as one of the area's most desirable for consumers.&quot;</p> <p>Friedberg Properties &amp; Associates, recently acquired by Arabia, was founded in 1994 by <span class="xn-person">Marlyn Friedberg</span>, as an independently owned real estate brokerage, dedicated to serving <span class="xn-location">Bergen County</span>. Having operated for nearly 30 years, the firm became a staple within the local community for providing efficient, energetic, and effective service to its clients. Ultimately, the firm expanded to include over 100 agents with three dedicated offices in key markets including <span class="xn-location">Alpine</span>, <span class="xn-location">Cresskill</span>, and <span class="xn-location">River Vale</span>.</p> <p>Parallel to its brokerage business, the firm also operated Friedberg Academy, an in-house program offering continuing education and licensing courses, aiding those agents already licensed, and those just beginning their professional careers as agents. Under Arabia's new leadership, Corcoran Infinity Properties will carry on this commitment to professional development by utilizing Corcoran's educational programs, innovative marketing, and technology platforms to maximize agent efficacy.</p> <p>Born and raised in <span class="xn-location">Tenafly, New Jersey</span>, Arabia spent 25 years as an independent agent before founding Corcoran Infinity Properties. As a top-producing agent and recognized leader within the market, Arabia has a distinguished background in business management, new developments, and luxury residential sales. Repeatedly recognized for his excellence in client service and record-breaking sales history, Arabia has earned the New Jersey Realtors® Circle of Excellence® Platinum Sales Award® multiple times and has been designated as an &quot;Elite&quot; Status Realtor by <i>Bergen Magazine</i> for the past 5 years.</p> <p>&quot;I am extremely proud to be a part of Corcoran's expansion and to be working with their talented executive team as we launch Corcoran Infinity Properties,&quot; stated Arabia. &quot;Our team of accomplished, specialized, and knowledgeable agents, coupled with Corcoran's impressive brand recognition, powerful technology platform, and global reach is sure to elevate our already heightened level of client service even further.&quot;</p> <p>For 50 years, Corcoran has stood for excellence in real estate, following their tagline, &quot;Live Who You Are,&quot; by providing a human-first approach to real estate that has made it one of the industry's most luminous brands. Through the company's strong history of sales, Corcoran has become a leader in their company-owned regions of <span class="xn-location">New York City</span>, where the brokerage has been ranked #1 based on residential sales volume for the last several years<sup>1</sup>, the Hamptons, as well as <span class="xn-location">Miami</span> and <span class="xn-location">Palm Beach</span> in <span class="xn-location">South Florida</span> – some of America's most luxurious markets.</p> <p>Corcoran's affiliate network has grown steadily both domestically and abroad since its launch in <span class="xn-chron">February 2020</span>. In 2022 alone, Corcoran welcomed and expanded affiliates in <span class="xn-location">Florida</span>, <span class="xn-location">Georgia</span>, <span class="xn-location">Connecticut</span>, <span class="xn-location">Washington</span>, <span class="xn-location">Tennessee</span>, <span class="xn-location">New Jersey</span>, the <span class="xn-location">Cayman Islands</span>, and Turks &amp; Caicos. Most recently, Corcoran announced its newest affiliate, Corcoran Magri Properties, in Lake Garda, <span class="xn-location">Italy</span>, marking the company's first foray into <span class="xn-location">Europe</span>.</p> <p><b>About The Corcoran Group </b></p> <p>The Corcoran Group has been a leading residential real estate brand for 50 years. Through its <span class="xn-location">New York City</span>, Hamptons, and <span class="xn-location">South Florida</span> brokerages, along with its rapidly growing affiliate network, the firm is home to more than 170 offices and more than 4,500 independent salespersons in key urban, suburban, and resort markets nationwide. Corcoran agents earn and keep their clients' trust with an unwavering commitment to white-glove service, expertise, and integrity. In every market served, Corcoran helps you find the home that's just right for you. The Corcoran® brand comprises both offices owned by a subsidiary of Anywhere Advisors LLC (f/k/a Realogy Brokerage Group LLC) and franchised offices, which are independently owned and operated. For more information about The Corcoran Group, please visit <a href=";l=en&amp;o=3853345-1&amp;h=2957682952&amp;;" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>. </p> <div><table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1" class="prnbcc"><tr><td class="prngen2" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><br/></td><td class="prngen2" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><p class="prnml4"><span class="prnews_span"><sup>1</sup> H. Connery &amp; S. Wall, &quot; NYC's top residential brokerages,&quot; The Real Deal, Online, Korangy Publishing, 3/2/2023, <a href=";l=en&amp;o=3853345-1&amp;h=186817876&amp;;" target="_blank" class="prnews_a" rel="nofollow"></a></span></p> </td></tr></table></div> <div class="PRN_ImbeddedAssetReference" id="DivAssetPlaceHolder2"> </div> <p>SOURCE The Corcoran Group</p>

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